A good publisher will help you develop a more polished product:

The Wooster Book Company’s publishing division began in 1996, custom publishing books of regional and national interest.

Some of our titles have won prestigious literary awards, some have won production awards, and many titles have gone into multiple printings.

The best time to make contact with a publisher is while you are still writing your book:

By contributing expertise early in the process, we can provide input that will make your effort more effective and maximize the impact of your project.

As a publisher, we are responsible for:
• the editorial development and design of your book
• the supervision of all aspects of the manufacture of the book (we have a Master Printer of America status)
• ensuring that your book enters the marketplace from a recognized, well-respected source, and
• seeing that your finished books are available to a worldwide public.

The Wooster Book Company does not purchase manuscripts. Custom publishing requires the author to cover the cost of the book production. The number of pages, the number and type of images, and the quantity of books produced are all factors in production costs.

Getting Started:

Step 1 - The first step is to let us know of your interest in publishing with The Wooster Book Company (we have a $65 reading fee). Email with:
• the subject and length of your book
• the anticipated audience for your book

Step 2 - We will acknowledge your contact and let you know the best way to submit your manuscript.

Step 3 - After receipt of your manuscript, we will evaluate it and get back to you with input on your work. If working together on your project makes sense to both of us, we will meet and go over details and expectations.

With hundreds of completed projects, our knowledge, reputation, and commitment are a valuable contribution to your project.

The Wooster Book Company works with you to create a marketable product that adheres to industry conventions. We also work with each author to identify an audience for his or her project. A marketing budget is planned for how to reach this audience. The Wooster Book Company warehouses your books and makes copies available to individuals, to other bookstores, and to major bookstore distribution companies.


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The Wooster Book Company

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